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Welcome to the home page of Inhouse Legal Solutions Pty Limited.

This website was originally developed to promote our legal and compliance consulting services, which we no longer provide. These days we publish this website as a service to students taking the course we teach, Compliance: Theory and Practice in the Financial Services Industry, as part of the Sydney University Law School postgraduate program.

Compliance Course is a landing page from where students can access a range of materials for that course, including:

>   the Course Outline
>   the Course Reading List
>   the Course Assignment
>   annotated copies of the lectures slides used in the course
>   copies of past exam papers and sample answers

Library has related source materials:

>   Australian statutes
>   FSR Source Materials
>   ASIC Regulatory Guides
>   ASX Listing Rules
>   ASX Operating Rules
>   ASX 24 Operating Rules

We have a few pages of Useful Links, logically grouped and alphabetised to make finding the link you want quick and simple.

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