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Welcome to our access page to the ASX 24 Operating Rules. This is divided into the following sections:

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ASIC ASX 24 Market Integrity Rules

>   ASIC Market Integrity Rules (ASX 24 Market) 2010

Click here to access a comparison of the ASIC Market Integrity Rules and the former SFE Operating Rules.

ASX 24 Operating Rules

1   Access to the Market
2   Products
3   Trading Rules
4   Execution, Quote Display and Reporting Services
5   Monitoring Conduct and Enforcing Compliance
6   General Rules
7   Definitions and Interpretation
8   Transitional Provisions
 >   Schedule 1 - Individual Contract Specifications
 >   ASX 24 Operating Rules Procedures
 >   ASX 24 Operating Rules Procedures Appendices

 Click here to access the ASX 24 Market Rules Guidance Notes.

ASX Clear (Futures) Operating Rules

 1   Definitions
 2   General
 3   Registration of Market Contracts & Obligations of ASX Clear (Futures)
 4   Accounts and Daily Settlement
 5   Options
 6   Mandatory Cash Settlement and Delivery Procedures
 7   Procedures on a Default
7A   Termination with respect to ASX Clear (Futures)
 8   Emergency Situations and Force Majeure
 9   Miscellaneous Provisions
 10   Client Protection Model Provisions
 11   Security Interest Provisions
 >   ASX Clear (Futures) Operating Rules Schedules
 >   ASX Clear (Futures) Procedures, Determinations and Practice Notes


Austraclear Operating Rules

 >   Austraclear Regulations
 >   Austraclear Procedures, Determinations and Practice Notes


Enforcement and Appeals Rulebook

 1   Scope of Rulebook
2   Enforcement Action
3   Appeals
4   ASX Announcement and Imposition of Penalty
Guidance Notes
1   Enforcement Action and Appeals from Enforcement Decisions

Click here to download the Enforcement and Appeals Rules Procedures and Annexure A thereto.


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