9 Drug Offences That You Could Be Arrested And Convicted For

9 Drug Offences That You Could Be Arrested And Convicted For

There is a misconception amongst some, which are they believe that everyone who is in drug rehab, such as a residential facility, is there because they have been convicted of a drug offence and been sent there rather than to prison. However, most will have voluntarily entered drug rehab. Admittedly, there will also be some individuals convicted of drug offences that a court has deemed more appropriate to order into a drug rehab program than to serve a custodial sentence.

This also brings to light that there will only be certain drug offences that those in drug rehab with a conviction will have committed. One thing is pretty sure and that it is unlikely those convicted of manufacturing, supplying or trafficking illegal drugs will be sent to drug rehab but instead be given prison sentences and long ones.

This shows that there is a hierarchy of the seriousness of drug offences and several possibilities as to why someone could potentially be arrested and convicted. The primary drug offences total nine in all, so let us look at each of these and assess what they mean.


The most common drug offence is possession of an illegal drug. Note, even if you did not buy the drugs, or they are found on a property you own but were bought by someone else, you could still be charged with possession. Of all the drug offences, this is the one most likely to have drug treatments like drug rehab ordered as an alternative to other sanctions.

Drug Paraphernalia Possession

Drug Paraphernalia covers all those items which are used to use or produce drugs. These include bongs, pipes, cocaine spoons, syringes, scales, and pill presses to name but a few. It is possible to be convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia even if no drugs were present.

Drug Driving

Most of you will have heard of drunk driving and may even know of someone who has been convicted of it, but far fewer will know anyone who has been convicted of drug driving, but it is a severe offence. Fatalities have occurred due to impaired judgement and mental faculties caused by a driver being under the influence of drugs.

Permitting Drug Use In A Location

If you own or rent a property and do not take drugs yourself but allow others to take them on that property, you are committing an offence. Worse, if you allow the growing or manufacturing of drugs on your property, the penalty can include several years in prison.

Publishing Drug Recipes

You might not use, possess, or produce drugs, but if you provide information on how to manufacture drugs, including recipes for them, you are committing a serious drug offence. Even downloading a recipe for producing crystal meth, for example, can land you in prison if you are caught doing so.


This refers to growing drugs such as cannabis plants. It also covers manufacturing illegal drugs for sale and packaging those drugs. It applies to a broad array of illegal drug-making activities, all of which can lead to fines of several hundred thousand dollars and plenty of jail time for the worst offenders.

Operating A Drug Lab

This differs slightly from cultivating and manufacturing as it involves the production and processing of many of the chemicals used to create illegal drugs subsequently. The risks of drug labs are many chemicals used are toxic and highly flammable, and there have been instances of them exploding or emitting poisonous gas.


This covers distribution, transporting, and ultimately the selling of drugs. This can range from a single wrap of cannabis to several bags of cocaine. Needless to say, it will most usually result in a heavy fine and a significant prison sentence if convicted, especially if caught supplying near a school.


`This is where drug selling reaches an almost commercial level and covers the wholesale selling and distribution of drugs. Normally done through organised criminal gangs, this is at the peak of drug offences and carries the most severe punishments.