What Happens if I Give False Information to The Police?

The Police

Providing false information to the police is an extremely serious offence which can have a range of ramifications. If you have been or think that you might be charged with perjury or some other form of making a false statement to the police, you should consider hiring a decent criminal lawyer, such as Adelaide Criminal Lawyers.

The penalties for making a false statement to the police will vary depending on the severity and context of the infringement. In this article we’ll have a look at these penalties, at some of the things you should do if you’re charged with a crime in this category and at a few of the reasons why you should always use a decent lawyer to defend yourself.

What Constitutes “False Information”?

There are basically two types of false information that you can provide to the authorities. They include:

Lying to the police during an investigation – The most common form of false information comes as small lies to the police. People often don’t tell the full truth or tell a twisted version of a story to cover themselves and to try and prevent trouble.

Lying in court – On the other hand, you might be accused of lying in court. Again, this is a very serious crime, and can result in significant fines or even prison sentences.

It’s important to note that making honest mistakes isn’t an offence – providing false information that you thought was true won’t get you into trouble.

Is It Common To Be Convicted Of Perjury?

Because it’s not an offence to make an honest mistake, it’s actually very hard to be found guilty of perjury or providing false information to the authorities. Proving someone guilty of perjury requires a number of things, including strong evidence of an inconsistent statement. In many cases, a confession is required for someone to be convicted.

Since it’s so hard to be convicted of perjury, police will only press charges in serious cases where they know that they have a strong, proveable case. Because of this, you should always use a decent criminal lawyer to defend yourself.

Why Should I Choose My Lawyer Carefully?

Since your lawyer is going to be responsible for defending you and building a strong case for you against the courts, it’s very important to choose them carefully. Using an experienced criminal lawyer will maximise your chances of defending yourself against any charges that are brought against you. Professional lawyers understand the system, the processes that are used when deciding perjury cases, and will be able to build the strongest defence possible.

Perjury and other charges related to providing false information to the authorities can lead to significant penalties if you’re found guilty. Jail sentences can be lengthy and fines can be large for severe cases.

It’s therefore in your best interest to employ the services of an experienced criminal lawyer to help you build your defence. We’d recommend getting in touch with your local law firm ASAP if you’ve been charged with perjury or something similar.